Sammy Frafferde

Inside hypersonic Magnetar airliner that could fly from London to New York in 50 MINUTES at speeds of 4,200mph

LOOKING more like a rocketship than an airliner – this incredible aircraft could one day be the future of travel, ferrying people halfway around the world in just minutes. Designs for the aircraft – dubbed the SKY Magnetar – show it could hit speeds of 4,200mph, more than three times faster than Concorde. And that…

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Inside the bullet proof survival bunker that’s kitted out with night-vision cameras and its own drone launch system

WELCOME to the portable bunker that’s designed to keep you safe from natural catastrophes – and doomsday disasters. American off-road trailer-maker Mammoth Overland has unveiled its brand new fortress that is engineered to withstand some of the harshest of conditions known to man. While it’s ready to be deployed in a zombie apocalypse, it’s also…

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WhatsApp users say major change to app is perfect for unfaithful partners to ‘cheat in peace’

WHATSAPP’S latest feature has been accused of making the popular messaging app a cheater’s paradise. Users have joked on social media that the app’s brand new Chat Lock feature has ‘upgraded’ infidelity over the ability to keep secret conversations locked behind a password. PThe Chat Lock feature joins WhatsApp’s growing list of privacy features, such…

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