Billions of Google Chrome users warned over dangerous pop-up

A FAKE Google Chrome error message could result in a shock energy bill for victims.

Several security experts have highlighted the risky pop-up and the best thing to do is not click on it.

According to NTT Security and Trend Micro, the attack has been around since February 2023 and is still circulating.

Victims will see a Google Chrome update error message, which they then click thinking it’s legitimate.

The pop-up usually appears when someone visits a real but compromised website.

They will be lured into a false sense of safety because the message looks legitimate to the untrained eye.

The message reads: An error occurred in Chrome automatic update. Please install the update package manually later, or wait for the next automatic update.

Recipients of the message will be encouraged to download what they think is a security update.

In reality, the downloaded ZIP file contains malicious software that will put a cryptocurrency miner on your computer.

It will then use your device’s processing power to mine cryptocurrency for cybercriminals.