I shared my Wi-Fi password with a neighbour in need and now our internet is slow

A WOMAN has cut off her neighbour after they spent months ‘mooching’ off her Wi-Fi without a thank you.

The 24-year-old ‘do gooder’ lent her neighbour her home’s Wi-Fi password after a single mother of two had recently moved in next door.

Detailing her experience on Reddit, the woman wrote: “I was raised by a single mum and so obviously wanted to make sure she was okay, I said if she needed a hand settling in just to let us know.

“A couple weeks pass, and we get a knock on the door and a child (her child) is standing there with a mobile asking for the password,” she continued.

“I give it to him as I’m not really going to say no to a child.”

The young woman, who has refers to the mother as ‘Anna’ for anonymity purposes, shares a house with two others in their 20s.