Inside hypersonic Magnetar airliner that could fly from London to New York in 50 MINUTES at speeds of 4,200mph

LOOKING more like a rocketship than an airliner – this incredible aircraft could one day be the future of travel, ferrying people halfway around the world in just minutes.

Designs for the aircraft – dubbed the SKY Magnetar – show it could hit speeds of 4,200mph, more than three times faster than Concorde.

And that means you could fly from London to New York in just 50 minutes – smashing the previous record of 2 hours 52 minutes.

The sleek design resembles a spacecraft, with a sleek body featuring four wings and two massive engines.

SKY Magnetar – the name taken from a type of neutron star – is half plane and half rocket, being 367 feet long and with space for some 120 passengers.

Air travellers would sit in two-by-two rows down the narrow pressurised cabin.