Inside the bullet proof survival bunker that’s kitted out with night-vision cameras and its own drone launch system

WELCOME to the portable bunker that’s designed to keep you safe from natural catastrophes – and doomsday disasters.

American off-road trailer-maker Mammoth Overland has unveiled its brand new fortress that is engineered to withstand some of the harshest of conditions known to man.

While it’s ready to be deployed in a zombie apocalypse, it’s also prepared for other – more likely – circumstances, such as a wildfire and flooding.

Mammoth Overland’s ELE Trailer is the perfect size for a swift step change between city-living and an apocalypse-induced off-grid lifestyle.

The limited-edition ELE Trailer is set to be available toward the end of 2023 at a starting price of $67,000 (£54,000).

The towable survival bunker has a double-walled aerospace-grade aluminium body and submarine-style pressure doors.