School charges parents £1.60 for every minute they are late to collect kids

A teacher has been left gobsmacked after being handed £93 for ‘babysitting’ a student from her class after hours. Kristin Evans, known as @mrs._evans on TikTok, has shared how her school charges parents $2 (£1.60) per minute every minute they are late to collect their children.

Not knowing about this rule, she couldn’t believe her surprise when the school’s director gave her a wad of cash at the end of the school day. In her video, which has been viewed more than seven million times, Kristin said: This is a first and it feels weird. During my 10 plus years in public education, I regularly waited 20 to 30 minutes after school with students waiting for parent pick up. This late pick up policy is in my new school’s admission agreement.

This also is not the first or second or third time they’ve been 20 plus mins late without notice or communication but this was the first time they were charged the late pick up fee.

She went on to explain how she was packing her bags getting ready to leave for the day when the director of the school approached her with a handful of cash.