Urgent warning to dog owners over pet food which could be DEADLY…

DOG owners have been issued an urgent warning over pet food which could prove deadly.

Experts have warned that raw dog foods could be poisonous to our furry friends because they contain dangerous doses of toxic metals.

New research from Cambridge University revealed that the safe limit of lead was exceeded in 77 per cent of uncooked food samples with pheasant as its main ingredient.

Researchers tested 90 samples of five different pheasant-based dog food products.

And they found concentrations to be 245 times over the limit in just one product, while two others were 135 and 49 times over, respectively.

Professor Debbie Pain, of Cambridge University’s Zoology Department, said: “We were already aware that lead concentrations in pheasant meat sold for human consumption are often far higher than would be permitted in other meats like chicken, beef or pork.