Vodafone warns all Gmail and Outlook users over bank-emptying email

EMAIL users are being warned to watch out for seven “red flags” that you’re being scammed.

These phishing emails can strike at any time – even on trusted apps like Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook – and they can be extremely costly.

Phishing is where a crook poses as an official organisation or trusted contact to trick you.

They typically aim to either steal your money – or get enough of your info to defraud you or sell on for profit.

“The problem here is that some scams seem so real, or make us panic into sharing private information, that we don’t realise a mistake has been made until it’s too late,” Vodafone explained.

“Since scams and scammers are becoming smarter, there are so many opportunities to accidentally compromise confidential information.”

The UK mobile giant revealed seven signs that a phishing email has turned up in your inbox.

First up is when an email uses a “generic urgent subject line”.

“A legitimate email usually has a detailed subject line,” Vodafone explained.